Working for a bright
Argentine future
Helping those in need
...the old
...and the young

Mission Statement

Vision Argentina is a non-political foundation whose mission
is to work with government bodies, administrators, public and
private institutions, other foundations, faith-based groups
and concerned individuals to help build a fair, prosperous,
and progressive Argentina.
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Our Vision

Vision Argentina strives for a future Argentina which provides:

  • equal opportunity for all citizens
  • strong, honest and transparent institutions and government
  • fair rewards for productive labour and endeavour
  • respect for individual rights at all stages of life, and for God as Supreme Creator
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Our Values


Reflected in institutions which are free from discrimination and corruption


Providing opportunities for growth and education to allow individuals to stretch their capabilities and fulfil their potential


Holding sacred individual rights and the bonds of family life


Promoting non-violent resolution of differences and the growth that comes from shared cultures

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